April 30, 2021

Two-tier Society

Tags: covid19

Even without vaccine passports, we are being nudged into a two-tier, clean vs. unclean, caste society. The CDC has issued guidance for choosing safer activities, and not surprisingly, the unvaccinated are asked to take demeaning, anti-social prevention measures that the vaccinated do not have to undergo. Furthermore, the unvaccinated are described as “less safe” or “least safe” if they attempt to participate in normal social activities.

There is no logical reason for this segregation. If the vaccines are really as effective as is being claimed, vaccinated people should not be in any danger. But as we have seen over the past year, logic and reason have had no place in the decisions made by our governments to shut down society.

Despite the Biden administration’s assurance that the federal government will not mandate vaccine passports, it is becoming apparent with each passing day that they will in fact be implemented – whether by private business or state governments is not clear yet. We should also remember that the federal government has not been exactly truthy in the past, so its promise cannot be taken too seriously.