October 13, 2009

Bye bye Kindle

I’ve used the Kindle DX for a week, and it’s a lovely device despite the limitations I’ve been pushing against. I spent a few days vacationing in a town that has Sprint cell service, and can say that the Whispernet really is the killer feature that sets this device apart. I also tried it as a sheet music viewer at the piano, and it was fine for that, though I think it’s best used as a reminder tool for music that you already know; paper is still best for pieces that you’re actively learning.

But in my home town, the only available cell service is AT&T, making Whispernet useless here. So when I learned two days after the DX arrived that a version using the AT&T cell network was going to be available next year, I decided to send the DX back and wait for the AT&T version. Thank goodness for Amazon’s liberal 30-day trial period. I’ll be sorry to see it go, because I was looking forward to using it on an upcoming plane trip instead of lugging around dead tree books.

Perhaps by the time the AT&T DX (which will probably be called the “US and International” version) is out, some of the PDF limitations will have been removed, though I’m not counting on it.