Hillary: Just Say No

[Note: the following was written during the 2016 Presidential primary season, when it was obvious that the Democrat party was in bed with the Clinton campaign and the mainstream media, and doing its best to suppress the candidacy of the most popular politician in the U.S., Bernie Sanders. That turned out well, didn’t it?]

Hillary Clinton would be a disastrous choice for President. Here’s why:

She has supported despots and dictators in Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Honduras, and many others.

Speaking of Honduras, she supported a military coup in that country, and refused to help bring back the ousted president.

She accepts money from frackers, while claiming to be opposed to fracking.

She gloated and laughed about Gadaffi’s death.

Speaking of Libya, she lied about “humanitarian intervention”; the real goal was regime change. The result is yet another country descending into chaos, death, and terrorism. Yet she still defends her role in this fiasco.

She claims to have told Wall Street to “cut it out”, but her highly-paid speeches to (and donations from) companies like Goldman Sachs tell another story.

She flip-flopped on a Colombian trade deal after her foundation got a big donation from a Colombian oil company.

She is a good friend of Henry Kissinger, an even more egregious war criminal.

She used her influence as Secretary of State to get her husband a $16.5 million gig as honorary chancellor at a for-profit university.

She appears to have broken national security laws, yet won’t withdraw from her campaign.

Her foundation took donations from a Venezuelan crook in return for immunity from prosecution.

In a somewhat complicated but amazingly legal scheme, she bribed 33 states’ party commities to support her before the primaries had started. One of these states, Montana, received a $64,100 bribe.

She supported the Panama trade deal that allowed corrupt politicians and billionaires to avoid taxes.

Her foundation took donations from oil lobbyists just before the State Department approved a big oil sands pipeline.

She claims to care about the middle class, while spending $50,000 per week on a vacation rental house.

One of her former campaign staffers is pretending to be a democratic socialist who is done with Bernie.

Her foundation took half a million dollars from Algeria while the country was negotiating with the State Department for more weapons.

She campaigned on a New York subway, thereby breaking the law.

She used white noise to prevent reporters from hearing remarks she made to wealthy donors at a private fundraising event.

Some of her powerful backers are fighting against Colorado’s attempt to implement a single payer health system. That’s because America is just so darned special that we can’t have a system as good and inexpensive as that of Canada, England, Belgium, or Denmark, to name just a few.

This is just a small subset of the reasons why HRC is better suited for prison than the presidency. You can find a more complete list here.