I created this blog as a place to write about:

  • Operating systems (esp. Linux), and programming languages (esp. Ruby)
  • Housebuilding
  • Musical interests (esp. classical piano)

The name “bloovis” comes from a coworker at Digital Research in the 1980s, who used names like blivot, blotz, and bloovis for variables in test programs.

I have worked as a programmer since 1976: at Digital Research in the 80s (real-time operating systems), at Borland (C runtime libraries) and Cygnus (GDB) in the 90s, again at Borland in the early 2000s (debugger), and finally at VMware (virtual machine monitor testing) for eleven years. I retired from paid programming work in June 2015.

I studied computer science (back when it was called “information sciences”) at the University of California at Santa Cruz from 1974 to 1976. (My first two years at UCSC were wasted in a failed attempt to be physics major.)

My email address is marka [AT] pobox [DOT] com.

–Mark Alexander